Welcoming Children Home 2017

Central Coast Orphan and Foster Care Conference

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November 4, 2017

Starting at 8:30am-4:00pm



1350 Osos Street, San Luis Obispo, CA

What is Welcoming Children Home?

The purpose of this annual Central Coast Orphan Care Conference is to motivate and inform Christians of both the Biblical call and the needs of orphans. This conference is for everyone! Those interested in foster care and adoption; those with adopted or foster kids looking for more support and training; and those who are wanting to care for orphans globally and domestically but not called to adopt.

Something for Everyone- In addition to three General Sessions we will be offering a wide variety of breakout sessions tailored to three different "tracks"
Track One- Adoption and Foster Care: Where Do I Start?
Track Two- Adoption and Foster Care: I Would Like More Help
Track Three- I Can't Foster or Adopt: How Else Can I Help?

2017 Keynote Speaker -Jason Johnson:

Our Keynote Speaker this year is Jason Johnson

Past Breakout and Panel Sessions have included:
  • Trust-Based Relationship Intervention (TBRI) Part I and Part II (Track 2)
  • Domestic Opportunities to Care for the Vulnerable Child (Track 3)
  • Steps to Foster Care and Adoption (Track 1)
  • Attachment and Bonding (Track 1 & Track 2)
  • Multi-Racial Q&A Panel (Track 1 & Track 2)
  • Counting the Cost: Adoption and Your Birth Children (Track 1 & Track 2)
  • Trends in Orphan Care and Adoption (Track 1 & Track 3)
  • Therapeutic Parenting or Plain Ol' Parenting (Track 1 & Track 2)
  • Healing the Reactive Attachment Disordered Child (Track 2)
  • International Orphan Care Panel (Track 3)
  • Resurrecting Biblical Hospitality (Track 1 & Track 3)
  • Navigating the Rough Waters of the Internet with Foster/Adopted Children (Track 2)

Cost: $15 (includes lunch and breakouts)
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The Day's Schedule (Agenda)


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